I joined Moody’s Analytics as a User Experience Designer a month ago. Moody’s Analytics is a division of Moody’s that provides credit and risk analysis solutions to corporations. In simpler terms the company provides software and research services in the financial sector. I am working in the San Francisco office of Moody’s. I am enjoying the design challenges in my new position.

I am working on a product called RiskOrgins. This application will be used by banks to manage the loan origination process, and evaluate the risk involved in a loan. There is a lot of data within a financial company. But not all of that data is available in the front lines, where account managers are taking to customers. RiskOrigins will provide the process and data to identify the loan proposals that will benefit the bank. I like to think that RO will help banks avoid the next financial crisis by supplying risk information before issuing the loan.

As a designer, I am challenged with creating user interfaces to input the complex details of loan proposals, comparing different proposals along multiple dimensions and completing the loan approval process efficiently. One of the design activities I have been enjoying on this project is identifying user interface design patterns. There are few problems that appears in different parts of the application, like managing a collection of objects. This has helped me a lot and I’m planning ┬áto write about my design patterns in future posts.

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